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Pause and reflect on what you need right now in your life.


We offer leadership, life and communication coaching and personalized and wholistic Yoga + meditation programs. Read on to learn about what we offer and how it might work for you.


coaching with Cecily


The Shift

3 months of coaching | Includes 8 calls + access via text + email 
Investment: $1000

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The first month is weekly calls. The second and third month are bi-weekly calls.

The shift empowers you to clear the blocks you may be putting up for yourself, to see new perspectives and to explore your life goals and desires. The shift supports you to unleash your potential in this life.

The Transformation

6 months of coaching | Includes 14 calls + access via text + email
Investment: $1800

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The first month is weekly calls. The next 5 months are bi-weekly calls.

The Transformation is for your fullest desires and purpose to come to life. We will explore what you truly want in this lifetime and create habits and rituals to make them happen. We will have weekly sessions and ongoing conversations via text or email to solidify homework and learnings. Come here if you want to burst out, fly, transform.

corporate consulting

Reach out when you’re looking for team building, personal development and leadership offsite support, if you’re wanting to strengthen culture and define your values.
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To arrange group coaching and retreat facilitation, contact Cecily @


Yoga + meditation with Peter


Private Session 

90 minute private Yoga + meditation session
Investment: $108

The Yogis Path   

3 months of private Yoga Instruction
Includes personalized Yoga lifestyle plan, weekly privates + ongoing access via text + email
Investment: $1800


To arrange group classes and retreat facilitation, contact Peter @

What I’ve learned has allowed me to get really clear on why my brain and my heart operate the way that they do. It has allowed me to be really intentional with how I speak and how I respond in all kinds of conversations and situations, staying grounded in my vision as well as the legacy I intend to leave.
— beverly p.